Air Depot Road and Visitor Center

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Tinker Air Force Base is Oklahoma’s largest single-site employer, welcoming more than 27,000 military and civilian employees through its gates every day. Much of the traffic now flows through the base’s revitalized front entrance at Tinker Gate. To create a new doorway that meets protection standards and incorporates aesthetic features, the improvement project required an extensive engineering effort.

Ross Group reconstructed Air Depot Road and built a new 3,775 sq. ft. visitor’s center, which features administrative offices, a waiting area, restrooms, and space for mechanical, electrical, and communications equipment. The visitor’s center features a safe tornado shelter and numerous sustainable features.

The facility was certified LEED Gold by the USGBC, with sustainable features incorporated throughout the facility. The designer and Ross Group worked hand-in-hand to maximize the environmentally-friendly features of the facility. Approximately 28,000 sq. ft. of open lawn space was set aside around the visitors center to offset the effect of the development footprint. The team’s energy-saving design strategies optimized the facilities energy performance. A geothermal system that includes two geothermal heat pumps supports the facility. Additional green considerations touched many parts of the project including HVAC, lighting, and water systems like low-flow fixtures to reduce potable water usage by more than 40%. The facility costs 24% less to operate than a comparable code-compliant building. Additionally, the team diverted more than 90% of construction waste away from area landfills by allowing materials to be recovered, recycled, and reused. Ross Group built more than 23% of the facility using construction materials containing recycled content.