Multiple Tank Batteries

McKenzie County, North Dakota

The Wahpeton Central Tank Battery is a crude oil and gas production facility for 13 surrounding wells, which produces 12 million cubic feet of gas, 5,000 barrels of oil, and 6,000 barrels of water per day. Equipment on-site includes one large two-phase separator, a large free water knock-out, a large heater treater, three small heater treaters, three small separators, 11 tanks, a sump drainage system, two LACT units, gas scrubbers, a flare, and two vapor recovery units to recapture tank gas. The client requested full engineering, drafting, and construction support services for multiple Central Tank Batteries. The facilities were modeled in Promax to size the vapor recovery unit and components. The engineering deliverables included bill of materials, a complete 3D model of the site, and the mechanical, civil, and electrical detailed drawings.

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