Natural Gas Cryogenic Processing and Stabilization Plant

Watford City, North Dakota

The project is a 45 MMSCFD (million standard cubic feet per day) capacity natural gas cryogenic process plant to be built near Watford City, North Dakota. This project is engineered for an extended lifespan within API recommended practices, ASME codes and other recommended industry standards. The plant is designed to receive a wet gas stream, separate and stabilize the liquids and then cryogenically process the gas stream into a desired final product.  The Y-grade liquid is then either pumped into a receiving pipeline or held for trucking. The residual gas stream is compressed and directed back into a separate pipeline for sales.

This state-of-the-art plant consists of:

  • cryogenic plant with an expander and compressor skid
  • stabilization skid
  • multiple heat exchangers of varying designs
  • mole-sieve dehydration equipment
  • several pre-engineered metal buildings housing the overhead and refrigeration compressors, motor control center and control rooms
  • three skid-mounted, 1680 bhp engine-driven residue gas compressors
  • a tank farm consisting of various pumps, pressure-rated bullet storage tanks and standard API 400 bbl holdup tanks
  • a four-bay truck loading and unloading station
  • elevated pipe and electrical racks and sufficient room for future plant expansion designed into the facility layout.