Noble Lofts

Bartlesville, Oklahoma

Bartlesville’s downtown was once one of Oklahoma’s most up and coming centers of commerce. A thriving oil company, popular railroad depot, and one of the nation’s most ambitious entrepreneurs set the stage for the town to thrive. However, over the years, much like most of the nation, the downtown buildings became run down and people opted for new parts of town to run their businesses. Thankfully, this trend has ceased and downtowns are becoming reinvigorated.

With the help of Main Street Bartlesville along with the Bartlesville Redevelopment Trust, Ross Group and New Leaf Development have completed the redevelopment of a downtown building at 125 W. 2nd St. in Bartlesville. The building used to serve as a hotel named the Santa Fe Rooms originally opened by a Ms. W.D. Noble in the early 1900s. The two-story structure will be completely historically renovated as a mixed-use development to house 11 apartments and four retail spaces fully compliant with National Park Service standards.