Rovi Corporation Tenant Improvements

Tulsa, Oklahoma

Rovi Corporation (formerly TV Guide) needed a vibrant, multi-use space where their Tulsa employees could interact, refuel, collaborate, and relax. The targeted, 5,000-sq.-ft. vacant space was dubbed “The Dead Zone” by employees, and needed significant renovation. The drab, empty area was surrounded with furniture panel walls and 20-year-old carpet.


Rovi’s corporate real estate and workplace services team partnered with Ross Group (one of many collaborations over the past 15 years) to capture specific needs and requirements to design and build a unique space that aligned with Rovi’s workplace model.

Now renovated, the multi-use space includes banquette seating, high-top and low-top tables, counter seating areas, and a lounging area to accommodate 50 employees. It can be reconfigured to seat more than 100 personnel for “all hands” meetings. Rovi employees now have access to a large kitchen and vending area, as well as an indoor balcony space and two huddle rooms where smaller groups of employees can meet. In addition, the space includes a recessed projection screen and projector, multi-media TV walls, and wall art pieces for employee enjoyment.